Set up AllegroServe

This should already be done, if you've done Setup Task 1. If not, do it now.

Download the example AllegroServe code in test-aserve.lisp into your EECS 325 code directory. You can do this manually or by typing

(include "test-aserve.lisp")

include is an EECS 325 function that loads a file, getting it from the server first if not already present.

Download, a sample archive of some HTML files. Extract this into your EECS 325 code directory. You should have a subdirectory called content with several files and a subdirectory called images.

Test AllegroServe

Follow the steps given in my lecture notes on Lisp Web Servers. Only load test-aserve.lisp if you haven't done (include "test-aserver.lisp").

If http://localhost:8000/ works, then:

Submit Report

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Where to get help

As before, the best source of help will be the CS 325 newsgroup. Make sure your newsreader is finding all messages, including old ones.

Comments? Comments icon Send mail to Chris Riesbeck. Put EECS 325 in the Subject.