CS 317: General Information

"What you need to know"


Changed: 3/04/2002

How will my grade be computed? Do I need to be in class? What if I have to miss the midterm exam?

Final Grades

Your final grade will be based on:


I do not take attendance. Either class meetings are valuable to you, or they're not. If they're not, please let me know how they could be improved. But in any case, you are responsible for all material discussed and announced in class. I do not answer any requests to repeat material given in class. If you miss a class, contact other students who were there and get their notes.

Make-up exams

If you need to miss an exam and schedule a makeup exam, you must (1) have a really good reason, and (2) request the makeup at least 24 hours in advance, unless a real emergency such as a death in the family or a trip to the emergency room occurs.

Free Lates

Sure, it would be great if you always started your assignments the night it was given and turned each one in well in advance of its due date. Despite your best intentions, occasionally an assignment isn't ready in time. In this class, this may happen up to three times: you are given three "free lates" to deal with emergencies or just with procrastination. Here's how it works:

Exceptions to this policy will be made in only the most extreme circumstances. (Remember, the "free lates" are intended to deal with emergencies.)