CS 317: Assignment #5

"Using Microsoft Access"

General Info

Out: Wednesday, May 15th, 2002

Due: Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

Changed: 5/15/2002

In this assignment you will acquaint yourself with Microsoft Access and get a start on filling the database we will be using for the final project. It is very important that you follow the directions precisely: improperly turned-in assignments will be sent back to you for resubmission.

Assignment History

Assignment Checklist

Part 1: Building tables

  ID: Number,
  title: Text,
  year: Number,
  genre: Text,
  band: Text,
  owner: Text)

  NAME: Text,
  homeTown: Text,
  fanClub: Text)

  NAME: Text,
  gender: Text,
  birthdate: Date/Time)

  CDID: Number,

Look at the relational schema above. These are intended to represent CDs, the bands that record them, and the artists that perform on them. Notice that we are separating Bands from Artists (in the case of a solo artist, they will appear as a band and as an artist). Notice also that, since band is an attribute of CD, we won't allow compilation CDs (e.g. Best of the 80's).

Your task in this first part is to create a database and add tables for these four relations.

Part 2: Fill them with data

For this part of the assignment you will be filling your tables with the information from 15 albums that you like (and, preferably, that you also own). To ensure that all the CDs are unique, you need to register the CDs you are entering (before entering them). When you register a CD, you will be given a unique ID for the CD that will serve as that CD's key.

  1. Enter your CD information in the CD Registration Page and click "Register" to get an ID for it. If someone has already registered that CD, you'll have to choose another.
  2. Fill in the CD information in your Access table for that CD. Use the registration ID for the ID field in CDs.
  3. Add an entry to the Band table for the CD (unless you already have an entry for the band).
  4. Add one or more entries to the Artist table for the CD for key members of the CD's band and add corresponding entries to PerformsOn.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 fourteen more times (for a total of 15 CDs). You will need to have at least 6 entries in Band and Artist, and however many entries are needed in PerformsOn.

Part 3: Turn in your results

The results from all 50+ students in the class are going to be added together to make one database (with 4 big tables), so it is very important that you play close attention to how to turn your results in. In short, you will save each of the four tables as text files and then save them as attachments in an e-mail to franklin@cs.northwestern.edu. Here are the particulars. For each table:

Now you have four text files. Send an e-mail to franklin@cs.northwestern.edu with the four files as attachments. The subject line of your e-mail needs to be the following (substituting your own name, of course):

CS317-A5: Your Full Name