CS 317: Assignment #3

"Designing E/R Data Models"

General Info

Out: Thursday, April 18th, 2002

Due: Thursday, April 25th, 2002

Changed: 4/18/2002

In this assignment you will be converting an E/R data model into a relational model and filling the relations with a few tuples.

Assignment History

Assignment Checklist

Part 1: What are the possible relation schemas?

Look at the E/R model above. It represents the relationships between (non-collaboration) CDs, Artists, and Record Companies.

Part 2: Collapse the many-one relationships

Using the techniques from the book (3.2.3 Combining Relations), combine each many-one relationship into the appropriate relation.

Part 3: Draw the tables; fill in the tuples

Draw tables for the relation schemas from Part 2 and fill them in with the data from at least four CDs from your own music collection. If you can't find a particular piece of data, feel free to provide your own value for it.