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CS 110 or CS 111, and MATH 214-3. CS 211 is recommended.

Academic Dishonesty

The rules are very simple: do your own work; don't submit work done by others as your own. Let me say it again: never copy any work done by anyone else; not by your friends and family, by your TAs, by other students.

If you're having trouble, I will do everything I can to help you learn . But please, PLEASE don't cheat. The penalties for cheating are severe: I am required to report cheating to the Dean; the Dean then gives you an automatic 'F' grade for the quarter, and then you should expect to lose your scholarship and any other outside funding, permanently. You may also be expelled from school entirely -- and most other schools will not accept a cheater after that.

Late submission

There is a 25% penalty for each day your homework is late. This means that if you submit your homework within 24 hours of the deadline you lose one quarter of your grade; if you submit within 48 hours after the deadline, you lose half your grade, etc.

Extensions will not be given unless there is a serious problem (e.g. serious illness). Documentation is required. If you are scheduled to be out of town on the day or week when the assignment is due (e.g. interview trip, participation in sports event) you must make arrangements for turning in your homework.

Grading policy

Homework 40%
Quizzes 12%
Midterm 15%
Final 33%

There is no option of doing additional work to improve your grade. This would be against University policy.

Regrading requests

Requests for regrades must be submitted no later than one week after the graded paper was handed back to you. There will be no exceptions to this rule. At the end of the quarter you will be given a chance to review your final exam before the letter grades are submitted.

How to make the most out of this class

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