Programming Assignment 1

Programming environment

The approved compiler for this class is g++. Your code should compile and run successfully on T-LAB. You may develop it elsewhere (e.g. cygwin, Mac OS X) but you must make certain it works on T-LAB before you submit.

The email you received when your CS account was created contained information on how to get a Marlok key for the Teaching Lab (T-LAB). If you prefer to work from home, then you can SSH to it. You can download SSH from the IT website. Any one of the following host names will work: tlab-10.cs.northwestern.edu through tlab-18.cs.northwestern.edu

Pair Programming

Pair programming is not required but strongly recommended for most assignments. More and more studies are showing the benefits of pair programming not only in software development, but in introductory computer science courses.

A good description of how pair programming is done is here. We'll practice pair programming in the lab.

If you pair program, you must follow the rules below. Not doing so will be treated as cheating.

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