EECS 211

Below are links to exercises suitable for submission to the 211 Code Critic.

All exercises are required. Some come from the book. Some are new. When an exercise is from the book, its specifications may be expanded or modified by the writeup on the web page. Classes and functions must meet the specifications given. Your code needs to implement the application programming interface (API) exactly, from the spelling of names, including capitalization, to the types of parameters and return values.

You can and often should define additional functions as needed, but you should never change the API without permission.

Before doing any coding, be sure to read:

Unless you choose not to, you will receive a email notification when your code has been critiqued.

Wrap Ups

Every set of exercises ends with a wrap up where you submit a complete working program via email. I will run this code to verify you have a working solution. The wrap up instructions say what to send and what email Subject line to use. Failure to follow these instructions may result in assignments not being properly credited to you.

The exercises:

This list of exercises is a work in progress. Expect it to grow and some exercises to be modified as we go.

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