CS 211
Fundamentals of Computer Programming II
Spring 2004

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Computer Labs

We will be using the linux programming environment. You may either program on the TLAB machines (more below) or use Cygwin.

Cygwin is a linux-like environment for Windows. It can be downloaded for free from http://www.cygwin.com. More information will be given during the lecture on Tuesday, March 30th.

Alternatively, you may use SSH to log on to the TLAB machines of the CS department. CS/CIS majors should already have CS department accounts. All others should apply for a temporary class account. The application form can be found at https://www.cs.northwestern.edu/support/secure/new_account_request.php

In addition, if you have a CS department account, you may use the CS lab (TLAB) located on the first floor of 1890 Maple Ave. You will need a keycard to enter. To obtain one see the department administrator, Karen Healy Stover (karen@cs.northwestern.edu, 1890 Maple Ave, 3rd floor, office #314)

Submitting your work

Information on how to submit your programming assignments will be posted here.


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